About us

OPTIGROWTH  blends the power of structure – with the diverse nature of entrepreneurial thinking – to achieve the business & personal growth that our Customers desire. 

Our vision is to remain an independent sounding board for our clients. Our goal is to create and maintain individual investments, growth and personal values in a market-place that is overly monopolised, regulated and that is subjected to growing anti-capitalism governance policies.
Meet our Team:

Henk Stander


I understand the difficulties faced by business owners and executive decision- makers, in their efforts to establish, scale and grow their aspirations, value propositions and investments. Success to these are underscored by various recurring revenue streams, testimonials, case studies and a strong referral customer-base.

Barbara-Anne Stander


With a strong background in Finance, HR and Operational Management, I am fully equipped to assist SME business owners. When it comes to simplifying tedious but necessary tasks, I have the ability to provide the right structure.

Damion Stander


I am well positioned to evaluate and drive strategies from different perspectives as well as to oversee project implementation, for targeted process and policy outcomes and best-business practice conformance. I am well qualified to assess & align legacy strategies to more current processes and methodologies, so as to adapt to – and benefit from – fast-paced and ever-changing business environments.

We focus on you, the business owner, to support and provide you with insight into key aspects of your business that you need to know, so as for you to have the CONTROL and FREEDOM for future GROWTH



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