What’s your superpower?

It’s survival of the fittest! … out here in the perilous business world, that is.

Do you have what it takes to be the best entrepreneur on the block?

It all starts with acknowledging that you need a Superpower. What makes you stand out from the crowd, what gives you that differentiator factor – what is your Superpower?


The strength to stand up against adversity is no small feat. It requires an inner strength that one pulls up from the deepest, darkest places within us. It requires a gumption and gut that can withstand even the hottest and spiciest calamity sauce.

As a business owner, you will find that you need to draw on that inner strength many more times than the average Joe. And, every time you do pull out your sword of strength and ‘thwack” away the catastrophe, you will get stronger and more resilient.


A visionary is someone who can see what is coming and more importantly, how to manoeuvre their way around those perils and road bumps.

They take the time to forecast the road ahead and find the solutions to every possible hiccup.


This Superpower allows the entrepreneur to be everywhere. Much like their nemesis, Super Invisibility, they ensure that everyone knows about them across all platforms, all networks and all media.

They are active members of their community. They take every chance to speak about themselves and their business but always allowing others to have their say too. They see the benefit of collaboration and greet possible future connections with open arms.


Without this Superpower, any entrepreneur will find themselves dangling from the nearest clothing line, wondering how they got hung out to dry. There are many ways to ensure you’re Super Organised – some are graced with this power from birth – others need to learn it – but it is a very powerful Superpower indeed!


Standing proudly alongside Super Organised is their cousin, Super Agile. Agility in the business world is crucial! The ability to shape-shift from one task to another, change one hat with another, and still keep your head above the clouds, is a seriously valuable power. People change. Markets change. Businesses change. And, if you’re not transforming along with it, you will be left behind.

So, it’s all fair and well to tell a person that they need these amazing Superpowers, but how does one accrue or culture these Superpowers?
With much hard work and smart business focus.

And, Optigrowth is her to be your 2IC. Optigrowth can be the Robin to your Batman, and your Nick Fury to your Captain America.

Sound like a power plan?

We look forward to chatting.

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