Are you training your business muscle?

If you have ever trained for anything, whether it be a run, a swim, a cycle or any form of endurance discipline, you will know that if you don’t put in the training, you won’t achieve your fitness goals. And, the journey will be that much tougher.

Training your muscles to not only adapt to the new regime but also to grow and improve, takes time and effort.

The same can be equated to running your business. Ask anyone, no matter what stage they are in their business journey, nothing was ever built in a day and certainly, nothing came from sitting idly to one side.

There are certain steps you need to take in order to train your business muscle.

Health Check

Much like the warning sign pasted on most gym equipment – Check with your doctor before partaking in any exercise regime – your business should go for a health check. There are a couple of elements to look at; scalability, your financial soundness, your sustainability and competitive advantage.

And, having regular health checks, is also a must, as your business goes through highs and lows.

Vision and Strategy

No long distance athlete will ever go out to train, day in and out, without having a plan of action. The goal is to finish the race in a certain amount of time, but to get there, he must know how much training he needs to do, and at what levels he must train.

Similarly, before you even start trading, you should have a strategy as to how you will reach your goal and what is required of you to achieve those goals.

And, it really is never too late to put this plan together.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Knowing what you are good at and knowing what you are bad at is essential in the process of training, on all levels. Let’s take a triathlete, who has to master 3 disciplines; swimming, running, and cycling. If he knows that he is a terrible swimmer, he will focus in on this part more, putting in more hours, and honing his stroke to perfection.

In your business, if you are not great with numbers, then rather look at either outsourcing your finances to a professional or taking a few courses in order to get yourself up to speed. If you can see that your recurring income is low, then your focus should be on marketing your products or services in such a manner that you attract retainer style clients.

SWOT = Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats

Do you know your business’s SWOT Analysis?

Practice makes Perfect

Focus and determination. Two words which are synonymous with all successful people. If you don’t put in the hard work, you’re more than likely not going to achieve your goals. Simple! And, giving up isn’t an option. Try, try and try again, but ensure too that you are not barking up the wrong tree either. Know what works and what doesn’t.

Raise that glass

We, all too often, trudge along, doing the work, and burning the candles, but forget to congratulate ourselves on a job well done. When that cyclist speeds over the finish line and lifts his arms in triumph, he is thanking himself for all the hard slog and long hours he has endured to get there.

Do you take the time to look back and see where you started and how far you have come? Take a moment, every now and then, and appreciate the journey you have travelled in your business. It is a doggy-dog world out there and every small achievement should be celebrated.

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