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At OptiGrowth we take most of our budget that we could have allocated to paid marketing – and instead put it back into the customers’ experience. This is key to how we develop referral customers and let them be our marketing.

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In turn, we are proud to be associated with Helen & Maggie and their business brands. In 1974 the Domestic Workers’ Association in South Africa was founded by Maggie Shongwe. It was a labour organisation fighting for the rights of low-income earners, including domestic workers, casual labourers and gardeners. In 2001 the organisation was re-launched under the Domestic Workers’ Association Educational Trust.

In 1984, Pinocchio Crèche, a project branch of the Domestic Workers’ Association was launched.

Maggie’s daughter, Helen, an Executive Director at Pinocchio Crèche, was also one of the first children enrolled at the crèche. It’s essentially where she grew up.

In 2010, Pinocchio Creche launched a Cape Town International Service Learning partnership with Howard University School of Social Work in Washington DC. Over 300 members of faculty, Masters and Doctorial students have passed through their doors to learn and experience social work within the early childhood sector.

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The Power of a Courtesy Call

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