Are you in control of your business climate?

We hear the groans and moans from other entrepreneurs, how they are struggling to get through the month, how their clients are causing them grief, and how they cannot find new business.

While their stresses and worries are real, we always ask the question, “Are you in control of your business climate?”

There are most definitely elements you cannot control, such as fuel price hikes, interest rate spikes and regulations from SARS, but you can control your own business climate.

What do we mean?

It all starts with knowing what the overall health is of your business. Are basic foundations in place, such as sales and marketing plans, a sound financial platform, staff that complement your brand and business ethos, enough cash flow to survive comfortably, and a few other vital aspects?

Without this health check, you cannot know where your business stands currently, and therefore you cannot see where it could go.

Once you have this clearly in front of you, it is easy to navigate through the steps on how to manage and control your business climate.

Clients will do what they will do. The taxman will wield his fiscal sword and life will get in the way, but once you realise you are in control, then there is no stopping your growth.

There are essentially 2 types of environments that can affect your business growth. These are:

The External Micro Environment – your suppliers, your customers, public opinion, your staff, and your competitors.

The External Macro Environment – the economic aspect, the social and cultural factors, the political and legal elements, technology, natural and ecological influences, as well as a business’s demographics.

Understanding all these areas is important in order to work out how to control their effect on your business. You may be thinking to yourself that it would be impossible to know all of these elements well enough to control them. Yet, you would be surprised how much you already do know.

We are subjected to these factors on a daily basis and if there are any that you are very uncomfortable with, you can always reach out to a professional who specialises in that arena.

The one detail you need to remember is that you are not alone in this world when it comes to your business.

Optigrowth was formed with that in mind, and our success has been proven over and over again, in the way we are able to assist business owners.

We understand business climates and are here to guide you every step of the way.

If you see the benefit in understanding and controlling your business climate, then please make contact with us today.

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